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About Us South End Real Estate Experts

Find Real Estate in the South End Boston

South End Pads delivers high quality real estate information and resources to help you find the real estate solutions you need. This site focuses on sophisticated data retrieval technology as well as advanced search and viewing options.


South End Pads connects clients with experienced and knowledgeable South End, Boston real estate agents, as well as providing general real estate information for renting Boston South End apartments or purchasing South End Boston property. No matter what your need, South End Pads has the real estate solutions to help.

As one of the most popular areas of Boston, with close proximity to Back Bay and downtown, renters and buyer can find an exciting mix of older architecture and new development to cater to city living with a neighborhood feel. We have listing that vary from South End’s historic classic row houses and brownstones to ultra-modern and new construction residences for sales and for rent nestled between unique shops, Boston’s best restaurants and an exciting art scene. South End Pads is here to make finding South End, Boston real estate easier for you.

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Our website has the largest network of real estate professionals who rent apartments and sell homes and condos in the 02116, 02118 and 02119 South End Boston zip code area.

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