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Selling South End Resitdential Real Estate

Selling Residential Property in the South End, Boston MA

Successfully selling residential South End Boston properties or a South End Boston home boils down to two things: pricing and marketing. Creating a marketing plan that combines creative and traditional advertisement strategies exposes your sale the largest audience, while accurately pricing your South End home allows you to get the maximum financial returns while still keeping your sales listing competitive in the South End market.

Selling Residential Property in the South End

South End Pads will connect you with experienced South End, Boston real estate agents to show you the ins and outs of selling your Boston South End home. They’ll help you complete a successful sale by guiding you through the following steps.

Step One: Deciding To Sell

There are countless reasons to think about selling your residential South End Boston property. However, before making a final decision to sell, you must research current real estate conditions in the South End and evaluate how they compare to your personal financial situation.

A real estate agent found through South End Pads will help you research the market and determine your personal financial goals for the sale. With your goals in mind, your Boston South End real estate agent will craft an effective, profitable strategy to sell your Boston South End home.

Step Two: Pricing Your Boston South End Home

The real estate agents found on South End Pads will help determine a sales price for your Boston South End home. The agents we work with use detailed information on the South End Boston real estate market to compare your property against other currently listed and recently sold properties of similar quality. This allows your Boston South End agent to determine a price that gets you a great return value while still attracting interested buyers.

When building a pricing strategy, you should keep in mind that additional closing costs may affect the price of your South End Boston property. By crafting a complete, accurate pricing strategy, you can better determine a timeline for the sale of your Boston South End property.

Step Three: Preparing for Your Sale

Before your South End Boston property can hit the market, you need to take a few small steps to prepare your South End Boston home to be viewed and sold.

For starters, you should get in touch with a licensed home inspector to look over your Boston South End home. A home inspector may cost a few hundred dollars, but they are able to show you simple ways to improve the value of your home.

Once your home has been inspected, you and your South End Boston realtor can work together to plan the most beneficial upgrades and improvements. You should also hire a professional cleaning company to tidy up your Boston South End property. Having a clean, improved home attracts the eye of potential buyers and boosts the value of your Boston South End property.

Step Four: Marketing Your Sale

Once your Boston South End home is ready to be sold, your South End Boston agent will begin to market your sale for maximum exposure.

The agents found on South End Pads have established connections with local buyers and property investors throughout Boston’s South End. Your agent has access to a variety of different marketing methods, including mobile applications, a network of over 80 real estate websites, and a national interactive real estate site.

To ensure that you only get qualified buyers, your South End Boston agent will prescreen all potential leads and offers. 

Step Five: Negotiating Offers

Once you’ve received a few offers on your Boston South End home, you can begin the negotiation process.

There is no set timetable for how long the negotiation process takes. Often times, the amount of traffic your South End Boston home has been receiving will determine the length of negotiations. If you’ve experienced a lot of traffic and interest for your sale, you may wish to let negotiations take a while in case you receive a better offer. If you have not received much traffic, you should speed up negotiations to lock in the offer that you have. Regardless of how long negotiations take, the end goal is the same: securing the best terms and value for your Boston South End home sale.

While negotiating sales terms, it is important to remember that certain terms or contingencies may affect the financial return of your sale. Some common contingencies include:

Mortgage Contingency: What amount is the buyer’s down payment, and how long will it take them to get a commitment from a bank?

Home Inspection Contingency: Will the buyer require a home inspection, and if so, how much of the cost are they willing to cover?

Earnest Money Deposit: How much money will bind the offer, and what amount will be put down with the Purchase and Sale (P&S) agreement?

Step Six: The P&S Agreement

Once you’ve evaluated an initial offer, you will begin to write a Purchase and Sale (P&S) agreement, which provides an outline of the terms and details of your South End Boston property’s sale. A P&S agreement is a necessity in finalizing your sale, and is typically completed 1-2 weeks after the initial offer has been approved and signed by both parties.

Your Boston South End real estate agent will connect you with qualified, knowledgeable Boston real estate attorneys that can help negotiate the P&S agreement. While the P&S is being written, both parties (buyer and seller) should continue to fulfill any remaining contingencies in order to continue moving the sales process along.

Step Seven: Closing Your Sale

After the signing of the P&S agreement, it usually takes another 30-60 days to close on the sale of your South End Boston property. During this period, the lender commits their loan to the buyer, and the buyer completes a title examination. In addition to the normally required documents, the state of Massachusetts requires that a few other, specific items be supplied by the seller or their real estate agent. These items include:

Smoke Detector Certificate: This requires that the fire department inspect your South End Boston home to ensure that all smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are working properly. The guidelines for this requirement change frequently, so you should read the up-to-date guidelines before arranging for an inspection.

Title V Certificate: This certifies that the septic system on your Boston South End property is working properly. 

6D Certificate: This document is required for condominiums, and holds that all common charges are paid and current.

The final closing documents for your South End Boston property also include a HUD document, drafted up by the closing attorney. The HUD document provides an overview of the entire transaction, and serves as the legal closing point for your Boston South End property.

After all of the documents have been signed, the lender will fund their loan and the seller (you) will receive your monetary proceeds. All closing documents for your sale will be kept at the Registry of Deeds, and the sale of your South End Boston home will officially be complete.

To speak with a South End Boston real estate sales agent today call (617) 208 2111 or click here!

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