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South End Real Estate Buy or Sell
  • January 6

South End property owners face the dilemma: Rent or Sell

If you are a property owner in the South End, you know all about how hot the market was this past year with the demand for South End condos and buildings. Home buyers and investors were often paying above asking and foregoing mortgage contingencies for faster closings and to stave off competing offers. The flipside has many former owners priced out of the South End market after selling their property. Now the question is, what will you do in 2015? There are several options to consider when deciding whether to sell but many owners are realizing the benefits of using property management to create an income property solution and hold on the appreciating value of their homes.

With the influx of professionals moving to the city, many of these renters would prefer character and affordability over a mega luxury development in the city. If the thought of becoming a landlord seems overwhelming, owners can turn to professional property management services to streamline the process from leasing to occupancy. The best option is to know your options, based on your unique situation, with a free market value analysis conducted by real estate professional who understands the South End market. For more information about sales, please call (617) 208 2111 to speak to a knowledgeable agent today!

One response to “South End property owners face the dilemma: Rent or Sell”

  1. Mike Madison says:

    Very true. I’ve seen landlords give up on their investments because they can’t take being a landlord. Most don’t even realize how affordable property management is or how easy it makes things for the owner. Good article for sure

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